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Specializing in business and personal estate liquidations as well as real estate services. We can sell the house/property and everything in it! Licensed & insured company!

Current Projects

Selling Antiques, Vintage, & Collectibles.

 One of our other services we offer is assisting clients with selling select pieces of antique, vintage, or collectible items. With these select pieces, we aim to bring you top value for each item with our extensive marketing per each item. If you have an antique or collectible you would like us to help you sell please contact us so we can help.

"Street Market" Colin Maxwell Parsons 36/195

This beautiful piece of art by Colin Maxwell Parsons is 36/195 and measures 32" x 27". This piece was purchased from Wentworth Gallery.

"Street Market" Maxwell Parsons

Colin Maxwell Parsons 1/1 "Landscape IV"

This beautiful piece of artwork by Colin Maxwell Parsons is a 1/1 and was purchased directly from Wentworth Gallery. This is framed with a detailed gold frame and measures 25" x 20".

"Lanscape IV" Maxwell Parsons

Large Marisol Bustamante Artwork 108/250

This big beautiful piece of art by Spanish artist Marisol Bustamante compliments any collectors wall. This piece measures 54" x 48" and was purchased directly from a gallery.

Merisol Bustamante Large Artwork 108/250