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Specializing in business and personal estate liquidations as well as real estate services. We can sell the house/property and everything in it! Licensed & insured company!

Current Projects

What is an estate sale? An estate sale is when the entire house(or most of the entire house contents) are for sale. The estate sale company is responsible for pricing each item appropriately, advertising the sale, and bringing buyers to your items that are for sale. Often there are items that are not sell-able, in this case the estate sale company will help organize a pick up for those donations.  Fees and commissions vary with each individual sale and I offer a FREE consultation with each of my potential clients.

If you are looking to move, liquidate, or downsize an estate/property please contact me and lets discuss a strategy.

After the Estate Sale

There can often be items that do not sell that are left behind after an estate sale. These items can usually be donated or purchased in a last minute bulk buy out. Some companies offer a clean up service after the sale, this usually is an extra add on service. We have several great companies we can refer for the "after sale" clean up, just be sure to let us know!